RCD Radio is a online Rock/Pop/Dance (In General) Radio Station, Founded in July 2012 by DJ Lozo (Also Known as Dotcomboy17 who also founded BBLIVEUK in 2007) and Co-Founded by DJ Luemas155 – Our Aim is to Connect the world of Online Radio through Social Media, as well as connecting and sharing thought’s on current events, with lots of music in between the lines.

This is quite a small radio station right now and we are always making improvements, we do need a strong community in order to survive, so help us and spread the word, join us as a supporter, partner or even, SPONSOR! – Take a look round the main site for more information on how to become any of these things and to listen/watch us Live and to get more information on this station.

Visit our schedule for upcoming events at RCD Radio by going to http://schedule.rcdradio.com