Luemas155 (AKA Sam) is the Deputy of the Board of Directors, Station Photographer and RCD Radio’s very own Music & Programming Director, he also broadcasts Rock Music on the station every now and again.

His primary role on the station is Music & Programming Director, he is the one who sorts out all the music you hear on our Live stream, makes sure its all up to date and checks we have the music we need when we need it, Luemas155 has been with RCD Radio since its beginning in July 2012.

Luemas155 loves Cycling, Photography, Gaming, Anime, Sci-Fi, Space and is a overall Geek, he also plays the guitar.

Luemas155 has his own show on RCD Radio called, Rock Night with DJ Luemas, check out the links to his Rock Night Show and find previous episodes at

When is Luemas155 next on RCD Radio?

RSS DJ Luemas155’s Schedule

  • DJ Luemas155 Presents the Best of 2010’s So Far April 22, 2017
    Get ready for Luemas155s first special playlist where there will be no video and no talking, just pure music. In this episode, Luemas155 presents the best songs from 2010’s so far. All our Live Shows take place at Show:
  • Rock Night With DJ Luemas155 – Episode 7 April 15, 2017
    Presenting some pure real rock for 3 hours with DJ Luemas155 and all you need to know about classic rock bands and music! All our Live Shows take place at Show: Rock Night with DJ Luemas155 – Episode 7
  • Our Top 50 80s and 90s Night March 24, 2017
    DJ Lozo and DJ Luemas155, present their favourite top 50 80s and 90s tracks, a one off series on RCD Radio. All our Live Shows take place at Show: Our Top 50 80s and 90s Night Episode: #1 Date: Friday

Twitter: @Luemas155

If you want to talk to Luemas155 directly, you can do on twitter, follow Luemas155 on twitter at – Below is his twitter feed.

YouTube: MrLuemas155

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