RCD Radio is a online radio station, specialising in Rock/Pop/Dance/Country music genres, Streaming Great Hit Music, 24/7, Music You Love, Music You Need, Music Is Life.

Founded by the founder of BBLIVEUK (2007 – 2012) on 18th July 2012 by DJ Lozo and Co-Founded by DJ Luemas155, aiming to play great hit music to the world wide web and to create a community of people who love a whole range of music.

Located in Derbyshire in England, United Kingdom, RCD Radio is a small radio station and is continuing to grow, we do need a strong community in order to survive, it is thanks to our supporters, partners and services that we have continued to grow and stay on air.

All our audio and visual products are delivered by high quality 24/7 servers and state of the art equipment which you can read about here, all hosted and maintained by RCD Radio, our website is hosted by a dedicated host and is fully maintained by us 24/7.

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