At the time of writing, the RCD Radio Studio is located somewhere in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom.

Our main feed operates in a fully functional, top of the range home studio with top quality equipment and play out software which plays host to the main stream at RCD Radio, we aim to bring the highest possible quality to our listeners and when possible, a Live video feed.

We have 2 studio set ups, when we are streaming 24/7 Automation music from our server, we are using just the server for our playout, no special mixer or other equipment is involved, we rely just on software, when we are streaming Live from the studio, with a Live host, that’s when our main studio set up comes in to play.

Our i7 set up is our main studio set up with the mixer, our Infinity set up is our 24/7 server and what we use to bring you great music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specs of each system and set up can be found below.

i7 (Main Studio Setup)

Audio & PC:

Visual Webcams:



Infinity (24/7 Server Setup)

Audio & PC:


Retired Equipment:

Below are a list of equipment we have used in the past, but are no longer in service with the station either due to a fault with the equipment or due to an upgrade.

Find more photos of our amazingly epic awesome studio by Clicking Here!