Welcome to Discover! This is a brand new section we are setting up, a section of RCD Radio for new bands, small bands and solo artists to send in their music to us, this is a opportunity to hear your own music on the radio and for people to discover you.

What is RCD Radio?
RCD Radio is a online radio station, located in Derbyshire in England, United Kingdom, specialising in Rock/Pop/Dance/Country music and all the genres in between, Streaming Great Hit Music 24/7, Music You Love, Music You Need, Music Is Life.

You can read more about RCD Radio on our about page at https://rcdradio.com/about/

What can we provide?
All bands we take on will be able to get

  • Your own page on the site (rcdradio.com/discover/bandname)
  • Links to your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram etc…)
  • Links to where listeners can buy your album, either on iTunes, Spotify or any other music platform
  • Links to merchandise
  • Regular plays on our station in the selected genre
  • We will list and follow you with our @RCDDiscover Twitter account which only follows those in RCD Radio Discover
  • We will like your Facebook page with our RCD Discover Facebook account which only follows those in RCD Radio Discover
  • Sharing your events, new album releases and band/artists news on our own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Accounts
  • Depending on location, we may ask if you are interested in a radio interview, Live on the air and to be posted to our YouTube channel, you will also get a copy of your appearance sent to you in video format which you can post to your own social media accounts, if we can’t invite you in, a Skype interview is always a option

What do you have to provide?
We ask very little in return, there is no fee, all we ask is that you provide us with permission to play your tracks you send us, we cannot pay you for the tracks you send, we also ask you tell other people about us through your current fan base.

When you send us tracks, we will ask that you send them in the highest possible quality, we try and maintain good quality content on our station and this is the same with Discover, we would encourage artists to use a studio to record the tracks they want to send in, however we may make exceptions after we have listened to your tracks that they are in good enough quality to add to our library.

What are you looking for?
At the moment, we are pretty much open to any genre, although we mainly play songs from Rock/Pop/EDM/Country, we will be making room on our schedule for any songs outside these areas as soon as we have enough artists in Discover, the best thing to do if you are interested and you do not fit in to any of these genres, get in touch anyway and it will help us work around other genres, we will only allow radio friendly music and none religious material.

Do you accept covers?
YES!!! We love to hear what you have in regards to covering other artists and major artists.

How long does it take to decide?
Ultimately, we do have the final say on which bands and solo artists we decide to take on, it may take some time for us to go through any songs we have to listen to, we will let you know as soon as possible.

I still have questions, where can I ask them?
Feel free to get in touch with us using our own contact form or message us by Twitter or Facebook.

All band members and solo artists must be 18+, we have the right to remove any tracks from our library, remove you from our discover section (including your page) at any time.

Where can I sign up?
It is very simple, simply get in contact with us, either through our contact form or message us by Twitter or Facebook, if we are already messaging about this and you were just sent this link for more details, sign up can happen within the message already set up.