IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is the platform RCD Radio use for the main chat on the Live Page, when ever you see the words IRC, its in relation to the chat room on the Live Page.

Our main chat is placed on a IRC Network called IdleChat, the irc chat is used for members of the community to interact with each other, DJs of the station and the current DJ who is broadcasting Live!

You can connect to our IRC chat using software such as mIRC, Colloquy, LimeChat, xChat and xChat Azure using the following credentials:

Address: | OR |
Main Channel: #RCDRadio
Other Channels you may want to join: #RCDRadioNP, #Help, #IdleChat, #iPocalypse

Our chat is on the IdleChat network which was founded by Simon and Radien, who are lovely people, for more information about IdleChat and if you require help, we have our own page for them which you can visit at and you can visit IdleChat online at

IRC RoBots

Our IRC channel contains so called RoBots which have been programmed to respond to commands in the chat, for example if you type !schedule then the link to our schedule page will appear in the chat for all to see, the RoBots have been programmed in a program called mIRC and are hosted 24/7 by DJ Lozo’s windows server which runs Windows XP Home Edition.

To view all of our RoBots, go to

IRC Bans

If you have been banned from our IRC Chat Room, you may want to look in to appealing by going to

IRC Guidelines

We have terms (Guidelines) users must follow in our IRC Chat room, please make sure you read them before thinking about connecting by going to