You are more than likely on this page because you have been banned from our IRC Chat Room on IdleChat, from this page you can appeal for your ban, please follow the instructions below on how to appeal.

Firstly make sure you are the person who wants to appeal for your ban, we do not allow other to appeal for other chat users.

How to appeal
You may appeal for a ban in 2 ways, either use the chat room or the contact form below, when you appeal, its up to the moderators digression to unban you or not, you may be asked who banned you, why you were banned, when you were banned and asked if you understand the reasons of the ban, you will be asked why the ban should be removed, please act grown up and accept what you did was wrong, this way you have the best chance of it being removed.

What information you need
When you appeal, you may be asked for a ID number, this ID number is given to you when you are removed from the chat room, this ID holds a record of the ban and kick information, we can get this information by simply doing a search on your masked IP or IRC Name, but its sometimes easier if you tell us the ID you were given when you were removed.

What to do if you are permanently banned
If you are permanently banned, it means you can’t appeal for a extensive period of time, this could be up to a few weeks, a month or years, you can request more information about your permanent ban by going to

How do I know if I am permanently banned?
It will say so in the kick message and you should have a Personal Message from RoBo saying you have been permanently banned, you will also not be able to join the ban appealing chat room below.

I have been kicked from the chat room below
This may mean you can’t currently appeal for your ban, but you can try again later or in about 4 hours after you have been removed from the chat room below.