The follow guidelines are meant to be followed and are designed to keep you and others safe, you must not connect to the RCD Radio IRC Chat unless you agree to these terms, if you have already connected to the network and do not agree to the terms, please disconnect now by typing /quit in the chat area.


Last Updated: 11/08/2014

  1. You must first agree to the IdleChat terms of service, IdleChat is the service that hosts the chat, you can read the terms by going to (Opens in a new window)
  2. Advertising any links which are not associated with RCD Radio, Sponsors, Supporters or Partners is strictly prohibited, unless you have permission from a moderator to post the link.
  3. Flooding/Spamming is not permitted, in doing so will cause a auto kick and ban, do take care, users may not post any more than 5 lines per 5 seconds, this is a automated response.
  4. IRC RoBots are not permitted in any RCD Radio Channel, unless you are running a service for RCD Radio which requires a IRC Bot and has express permission from The Head of the Board of Directors for the RoBot to be in the channel, No Exceptions, any bots that are found in the channel will be permanently added to the permanent ban list.
  5. No Automated Responses/Scripts, these scripts MUST be turned off, this includes any auto away scripts on highlight, for example, if someone says your name in chat and you are away and you have a script to auto respond with “Sorry, I am not here right now, but I will get back to you shortly” – These scripts are not permitted. – Any users found running unauthorised scripts to PM or notice users on join or randomly, will be added to the permanent ban list.
  6. Do not give out any passwords or personal information to anyone over chat – If RCD Radio requires personal information from you, such as a home address or telephone number, we shall ask you to email it to us and to send it to a email address, we will never ask over IRC Chat, moderators will never ask for your chat password or any accounts password, you must never share this information with anyone in chat.
  7. No trolling, any users suspected of trolling will be immediately banned and removed from the IRC Chat.
  8. 100% No Drama, take it elsewhere – any disputes or arguments will be asked to move elsewhere, whether that’s social media, another channel or a forums, failing to do so may face a permanent ban from the RCD Radio IRC Chat, Moderators will have the final say on how far the drama goes and will act on anyone failing to stop after a warning has been given. – The atmosphere for RCD Radio, should be chilled and relaxed.
  9. Do not Personal Message anyone unless you have asked to in the channel first, exceptions are those who do not mind if they Personal Message one another without express permission from each other.
  10. To be in the RCD Radio IRC Chat, you must be at least 15 or over and you must not talk in a Personal Message to anyone in the chat room. (This is more of a security and legal term)
  11. Mass inviting users from RCD Radio in to your channel on IdleChat is strictly prohibited and if found doing so, you will be added to the permanent ban list.
  12. No ban persisting/evading – If you evade your ban when you know exactly what you are doing, you will be banned from the IdleChat IRC Network and added to the permanent ban list for the RCD Radio IRC Chat and your ISP may be informed.
  13. Impersonating other chatters is an offence of being added to the permanent ban list.
  14. Do not do a moderators job, let the moderators handle the situation and do not interfere, in doing so, may get you banned.
  15. These terms can change at any time.
  16. Have Fun.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not attempt to connect to the RCD Radio IRC Chat and if you are already connected, please type /quit now in the chat to disconnect.

Moderators are not required to give out warnings, but they will decide if a user should be warned or removed or not, moderators have the final say on all situations, do not get involved in these situations as you will only get yourself banned.


If you have been banned, you will be re directed to a room which is designed to deal with users who have been banned from the IRC Chat where you may be able to get an explanation in to why you were banned and when you can appeal, this room is also be used for appealing for a ban, for more information on bans, go to – For permanent bans, go to