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Trük Meister - Bella Nest Cam
DJ Lozo's Mixes - Episode 49
Now That's What I Call A Recap
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To see the last 12 hours (Approximately) worth of tracks played on RCD Radio, go to rcdradio.com/nowplaying/ (Opens in a new Window)

Live Page and General FAQ's:

Chat Room Rules/Policy
Please read our IRC Chat Room Guidelines before entering the chat room, read them at guidelines.rcdradio.com (Opens in a new Window)
How to Request a song
Some broadcasts may not able to you to request songs, if you wish to request a song, type in the chat room above, !request "Song Name Here" without the quotations, if the broadcast is not taking requests, a message will appear in the chat room saying so, if the broadcast is taking request, a confirmation message in the chat room will also appear, the DJ has the right to decline any requests made. - For more information about our request policy and for more information on the commands to request a song, please go to rcdradio.com/requests
Stream is Blank or no Sound or Offline
If the stream appears to be broken/frozen/offline, you will need to contact us to get it back online, you can either report the stream being down in our chat room by typing !streamdown which will send a direct message to those who can get it back online, or contact us on Twitter/Facebook and state the stream is down.
Having Problems Loading the Stream

If you are having problems viewing the stream and other people have said its online, try the following.

  1. Close down the browser and re open
  2. Clear Cache and Cookies, if you don't know how to do that, Click Here
  3. Reset Modem and Computer
  4. Make sure you have enough bandwidth in the first place to view the stream, we use 96kbps Audio with 500kbps video download, if you do not have enough bandwidth, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider

If you need more help, please ask in the chat room above.

Where can I get a RCD Radio T-Shirt?
You can buy one of our sexy RCD Radio T-Shirts from our shop, simply go to http://rcdradio.com/shop/black-tshirt/
Where can I view the IRC Chat Stats?
You can view the IRC Chat Stats for RCD Radio at http://stats.rcdradio.com - The more you chat, the higher your name will appear on the stats list, stats automatically update every 24 hours.
How can I register my name in chat?
You can register your chat name, it will stop other people from using it and give you some identity in our chat, to find out how to register using our chat on our Live page, go to http://rcdradio.com/regnick/ - The more you chat, the higher your name will appear on the stats list, stats automatically update every 24 hours.