Lozo (AKA LozoCN or Dotcomboy17 or DCB) is a something year old Briton and is the founder, owner and the head of the board of directors at RCD Radio.

He is also the primary presenter for a number of broadcasts at RCD Radio, including NOW! That’s What I Call Music and his own Re Mix Series.

Lozo’s personal website is also the website sponsor for RCD Radio.

He first hit the internet with BBLIVEUK which was discontinued in November 2012, allot of Big Brother fans who were not located in the UK would relie allot on the BBLIVEUK Live Stream for Big Brother UK, in 2011, Lozo made a youtube statement about BBLIVEUK being closed down, why? Lozo thought it was time to move on and do bigger and better things.

When is Lozo next on RCD Radio?

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Twitter: @LozoCN

Lozo loves tweeting! he sometimes does personal updates, or updates on projects he is working on, shares any news which grabs his attention and sometimes tweets things that the RCD Radio twitter does not tweet! – Follow Lozo on twitter now! – Below is the twitter feed embed. – Follow Lozo on Twitter: http://twitter.dcb17.me

Facebook: DJLozoCN

Lozo has a Facebook public page for himself! anyone can like it, he likes to post music he is listening to, any videos he has recently uploaded and just general updates for Facebook users to enjoy on their Feed on the social website. – Like Lozo on Facebook: http://facebook.com/DJLozoCN

Lozo’s Personal Camera on VauhnLive: Lozo

Lozo has a personal camera on VaughnLive which he uses for streaming a second stream from the RCD Radio Studio when he is Live, or if something is going on, this webcam can be found, when it is Live, on the RCD Radio Live Page, follow Lozo’s personal camera on VaughnLive at http://vaughnlive.tv/lozo

Youtube: MrDCB17YT

Lozo is on youtube! although he does not upload videos very much like he used to, its still the only place on the web where Lozo uploads videos to, unless its the RCD Radio youtube channel, he has been on youtube since September 21st 2006 and has not left since, but his last account did get suspended and he had to open a new account in 2009, below is a playlist of all of his uploads on his youtube channel. – Subscribe to Lozo on Youtube: http://youtube.dcb17.me