We like making connections with people, websites and businesses, this is our partnership page, we are partnered with some awesomely brilliant websites and we want to expand this in 2016!

Big Brother Radio

A Proud Partner of RCD Radio, for all your daily highlights of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 Live streaming, including the Live launch, evictions and final, as well as gossip and to chat with fellow Big Brother UK fans, visit our well known partner, Big Brother Radio, (AKA Big Brother Couch Potato’s) online at http://bigbrotherradio.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BigBroRadio



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Twitter: http://twitter.com/printsome

Facebook: http://facebook.com/printsome


Become a Partner
Interested in becoming a partner with RCD Radio? For full details, visit our application page at http://rcdradio.com/partners/apply/