This Giveaway has passed! But here is the interview we conducted during our 26 hour show, also the picking of the winners, everything below this page is kept here for reference and is no longer being edited or updated.

We talk about the Riut Bag Giveaway and we have Sarah Giblin on the show through a Skype call, talking about the inspiration of the bag and how it came to be, this includes all the interview sections with Sarah during the 26 hour show and reveals the winner of the Riut Bag.

Congrats to BeABraveBeing for winning both a Riut Bag and a RCD Radio T-Shirt –
Congrats to our runner up, JamyDev for winning a RCD Radio T-Shirt –

Check out Sarah Giblin on social media:


RCD Radio joined up with the brand new Riut to give you the chance to win your very own Riut Bag in a give away for the July 18th event. (RCD Radio’s Longest Ever Radio Show)

The Riut bag is not your ordinary rucksack, instead of zips being on the outside and easy for people to get in to your bag without you knowing, the zips are behind your back, keeping thieves out of your ruck sack.

We have sponsored Riut to give away one of their Riut Bags which retail at £70 on their website at

Here is a video made by Sarah, who is the creator of the Riut bag to explain in more detail what its about and the benefits of a Riut Bag and why you should have one.

Give Away Details

Sorry, this giveaway has ended! Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to @BeABraveBeing for winning the Riut Bag and RCD Radio T-Shirt, also congratulations to @JamyDev for being the runner up and winning a RCD Radio T-Shirt!

Terms and Conditions (Rules)

  1. Only one entry per person, multiple entries or suspicious entries will be deleted – This includes email addresses and twitter accounts.
  2. You must provide a valid email address when you enter, we will only be using this email address if you are the winner and so we can contact you to organise sending you your prizes.
  3. The Giveaway will end on Saturday 18th July 2015 at 4:15pm UK Time (BST) – Anyone wishing to enter after this time won’t be able to do so.
  4. You may tweet the pre set message as much as you like, but it will not count as multiple entries.
  5. These terms may be subject to change at any time if deemed appropriate.

How to paste in the tweet URL

  1. When you have tweeted the message (Click the Tweet Button) on the give away Tweet A Message option, go to your twitter account profile, which can be found at
  2. Find the tweet you just tweeted
  3. Click where it has the time of when the tweet was tweeted, for example, 4m
  4. Then copy the URL from the address bar on the tweet, then paste it in to the giveaway widget above.
  5. Then click the button that says ‘I Tweeted’ then you are done!
  6. You then have the option to follow @RCDRadio and @_riut on twitter, following both accounts and pasting in your twitter account name, will better your chances at winning the giveaway.
  7. All you need to do now is wait until July 18th at 4:15pm for the winner announcement, Live at

July 18th?

So this is just a brief incase you do not know about July 18th, on July 18th will be RCD Radio’s 3rd birthday, we want to celebrate like we never have before, DJ Lozo and DJ Luemas155 will be doing a Live show Live on the web for 26 whole hours, we start on Friday 17th July at 10pm UK Time and finish on Sunday 19th July at 0:00am, if you like more details on the event and to RSVP, please go to

That is it! Make sure you join us Live on RCD Radio on July 18th at about 4:15pm to see who will be the winner of this amazing give away, we will announce it between 4:15pm and 9pm UK Time Live on our Stream! Sarah will be making a few appearances during our 26 hour stream as well, more details on that still to come…

Big thank you to Sarah for agreeing on this giveaway idea.

(If you get stuck with the giveaway, please use either our contact form or contact us on Twitter or Facebook)