DJ Luemas155 presents a set of short shows at least once a month, these shows will consist of playlists of music, they will last around 60-90 minutes each and could be anything from Fast and Furious to Classical music, some music will be what we tend to play daily, others may be music we never play at all, covering all possibilities.

Not only that but they will also be done with no video and no speech, just pure music and a pretty graphic, Luemas155 is hoping to air 1 of these shows once a month and they will be announced around 1 week before they are aired. (Or less if they are organised last minute)

These shows will not be recorded and will not be able to be replayed at all, so the only way to catch them is to catch it Live!

Below are some of the playlists that have passed with their track list and a full schedule of upcoming playlists is listed below.

Playlist Episode Track Lists

  1. Fast and Furious
  2. An Hour Of Metal
  3. Favourite Christmas Music

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