RCD Radio holds a number of request shows held by our DJ’s, although we do have a number of broadcasts which do take requests, we do have a number of what we are calling, random request shows, these shows can come on at any time day or night, (As long as there is nothing scheduled for that time slot) we shall update our Twitter and Facebook status when we are Live and we shall announce in in the channel when we are taking requests!

Our Requests Show DJ’s

Here are our list of DJ’s who will be appearing to take requests, any time, day or night, it is up to the DJ’s on this list if they want to stream taking requests or not.

  1. DJ Lozo – @LozoCN
  2. DJ Luemas155 – @Luemas155
  3. DJ Lozo & DJ Luemas155 Together

Making a Request

If you would like to make a request during these shows, you can do that by the following ways:

  1. Type !Request Requested Song Here in the chat room on the Live Page
  2. Send your request to us on Twitter, @RCDRadio or Post your request on our Facebook Wall at facebook.com/rcdradio
  3. You can contact the DJ by their Twitter information (Shown by the side of each DJ above)
  4. Use the contact form below which will send a email directly to our studios, your request will then be passed on to the On Air DJ


Request Terms/Policy

Last Updated: 08/08/2013

  1. The On Air DJ has the right to decline any song request made by users.
  2. It is up to the moderation staff and on air DJ if your request should be played.
  3. We can only play songs which are current on our playback automation system, we have thousands of songs and there is a chance we have something for you, even if its not the song you wanted, we may ask you if its ok if we play a different song by that artist.
  4. Do not request the same song over and over again, we will not play it, we like to get a bit more of a variety going on.
  5. If you request a song which has already been played recently within the first hour, we may ask you to choose another song or we may compromise and tell you approximately when we will be able to next play your request.
  6. At this time we may not do request shout outs, we may only say the name of who requested the song, this system is currently beta and we will add some more options in the coming future.
  7. Any users attempting to use staff or moderation commands for the request system, may find themselves banned from the channel without a pre warning, even though we may give warnings, expect not to get one.
  8. The On Air DJ has the right to turn on and turn off the request system as they please, they do not have to take requests from users.
  9. If we have a high volume of requests coming in, we may not be able to play all the requests, if that is the case, the On Air DJ will say so in the chat room or on air and may stop taking requests for the meantime.
  10. The requests Terms/Policy can change at any time, every time the Terms/Policy changes, we will say so on social media and we shall update the date of when it was last updated.