The Wall Of Fame is where we like to thank everyone who has supported us through advertising us on their website, blog, twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.

This page also plays a part in thanking people who have donated to the project, we thank everyone for playing there role at RCD Radio and we would like you to continue to support us.

These are people who have donated to us, depending on how much they donated depends how many links they can show on this page.

  1. Name: Lozo (LozoCN) | Site: | Twitter: | Facebook:

These are supporters who have blogged or featured us on their website/blog.

  1. Name: Turner | Linked Site: | Twitter: | Facebook:
  2. Name: Al (Spacey) | Linked Site: | Twitter:

These are links from people who are always supporting us on social media such as twitter and Facebook.

  1. Name: Lozo (LozoCN) | Twitter: @LozoCN | Facebook:
  2. Name: Luemas155 | Twitter: @Luemas155
  3. Name: Al (Spacey) | Twitter: @SpacedCadet1978
  4. Name: BBCouchPotatoes (Doc Detroit) | Twitter: @BBCouchPotatoes
  5. Name: TheWhisperkid (Leanne) | Twitter: @LeanneWallker

If you want to find out what brilliant serivces we use to bring you the best of RCD Radio, please visit our services page at


How do I appear on The Wall Of Fame?
Its simple, you can donate to us, write a blog about us, feature our links and logo on your site, keep supporting us on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and helping to get the word out.

Where can I find your logo to download?
You can download one of our multicolour logo’s from our downloads page at and use any of the logo’s on the page in your blog or site.

How many links am I allowed?

  • Donors: It depends how much you donate, please see our perks on our donation page
  • Supporters: We will advertise up to 4 links in total, 1 link to your twitter, 1 link to your Facebook, 1 link to your website or blog and 1 link to your blog post or supporting post/page about us.
  • Links: We will only advertise only your Twitter and Facebook links.

How do I tell you about my support?
You can do this in 4 ways.

  1. Tweet to @RCDRadio with your blog URL, we will respond ASAP to you
  2. Tweet to the founder of RCD Radio with your support URL who is @LozoCN
  3. Tell us in our IRC chat room on the Live page
  4. Contact us with your URL by going to

You may not ask to come under our Links category, this is invite only and decided by the team. If you would like us to advertise your social media sites or blog/website, please make sure you include those links in your contact request.

Request may be declined at any time, if we feel your website or blog is inappropriate for us to advertise, we will tell you know if there is a problem before posting your links on this page, and may remove any sites from this page if this happens, we may remove links from this page if they appear broken, changed, moved, inappropriate content appears on the site, we may remove links from this page without warning you if this is the case.